Good habits after a good workout:

Workout gives you an afterglow, but what about the aftermath? Fitness doesn’t end when you finish your workout, there are few steps to good health right after your workout.

Benefits of workout to the skin and body:

  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Reduces stress
  • Delays ageing

1. Relax

When we workout our blood vessels widen and our body temperature increases, so the body needs time to return to normal. It’s always good to relax your mind and body.

2. Stretch

Stretching your muscles right after workout is highly recommended as the body is warm and much more elastic. It helps to reduce soreness and facilitate recovery process.

3. Hydration

When we workout, body loses water. If you increase water supply to the muscles, the flexibility and strength increases.

Hydration is practically the key to all our health problems, it is ideal to drink about 3 cups of water to compensate for the lost water .

4. Wet clothes

Wet clothes trap moisture and promote growth of bacteria, germs, fungus and yeast. If you can not change all pieces of your clothing then at least change the wet clothing like bra, underwear, and socks.

5. Shower

Cold shower decreases muscle inflammation and healing.

6. Munch on the right snack

The right snack will give fuel to your body. You must avoid junk and consume healthy food to regain the calories burned.

Specifically talking about skin care post workout, here are some steps to make sure there are no negative effects post workout:

  • Always wear SPF to protect your skin especially when you are working out outdoors.
  • Clean your face immediately after workout using micellar water, toner or just plain water, it will help you get rid of any dirt or sweat build-up entering your pores.
  • Use a mild body wash while showering post workout

Leaving sweat, dirt on your face and body for a long time can be breading ground for the microorganisms. Follow these easy tips to make your workouts more beneficial.


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