Smart beauty products that your skin will love

With innovation in every field, skincare today is more than just cleanse and moisturise. Medical research and scientific knowledge have helped to develop a new generation of skincare products that will surprise you!

With the changing environment conditions, our skincare needs are evolving and ever-expanding. It is time to shift from the basic!

Thanks to the pandemic our beauty routine focus has shifted to skincare. There is an increasing demand in India for all the new cult products. Check out our list of beauty gadgets that you should be investing in:

  1. Pronged micro current massager that stimulates facial muscles in five to 20 minutes sessions leaving you with firmer and toned skin.
  2. Electronic cleansing brushes that make your skin appear smoother and softer. Its exfoliating bristles are made keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin.
  3. LED face masks that come with different LED lights. The blue light decreases acne flare ups, red stimulates collagen production and reduce hyperpigmentation, yellow decreases inflammation, and soothe sore muscles.
  4. Electronic micro needling tool to promote collagen production and stimulate cellular turnover.
  5. Jade rollers and gua sha to sculpt, lift and contour your facial features and avoid wrinkles.
  6. Ice globes and metal rollers to take down puffiness and inflammation and enhance blood circulation.
  7. Take off your makeup using microfibre cloth to avoid going harsh on your skin.

2021 is the year of selfcare, or at least we have decided that it is! So, get your hands on the above listed products that your skin will thank you for! After all, what can be better than product that can read your skin and give it what it needs?


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