What even is “COVID-Somnia”? Is your disturbed sleeping pattern linked to the Pandemic?

There is an evident increase in sleep disorders due to the Covid 19, from insomnia to hypersomnia, the fear and social isolation has caused disruption in lives of most of us.

Due to the uncertainty, the sleeping patterns have drastically changed. Our “internal clock” is disturbed.

How do you know if you are at risk of insomnia?

If you are unable to sleep within 30 minutes for more than 3 times a week for more than 3 month, then you may be suffering from insomnia.

You might be going to bed thinking about your personal, financial or any other kind of problem, which literally would not let you sleep.

What is the cause?

  1. Economical impact due to loss of jobs and business loss.
  2. Disturbed schedules
  3. Reduced exposure to sunlight
  4. Excessive daytime napping
  5. Excessive use of electronic media

What is the harm of losing the sleep?

  1. Sleep affects our mood and attention
  2. Negative effects on immunity and ability to fight infections
  3. Nightmares
  4. Serious health problems both physical and mental.

There were increased instances of people having nightmares after 9/11 attack in New York and other tragic crises like earthquakes or tsunami. In the same way, there is a significant increase in people having nightmares during the present Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the solution?

  1. Setting a daily schedule can regulate a normal sleeping pattern
  2. Limit the use of blue light devices especially at night as it disturbs circadian clock delaying the sleep
  3. Adding physical activity like a game, exercise, yoga to your schedule.
  4. Avoid anxiety provoking news programs and TV shows.
  5. Talk it out! Clear your head, some problems only exist in our head!
  6. If the problem persists, you must visit a therapist that specialises in insomnia.

End note: good sleep is foundational to good health. Chronic sleeplessness can cause both physical and mental problems. Lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems like hypertension, diabetes, depression, cardiac issue and autoimmune disorders.

It also means that your loss of sleep may make you more prone to the virus as insufficient sleep will lower resistance against the virus.

You can talk to us if there is something that is making you lose your sleep. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed!


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